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It could not have been easy to make that decision to move to another state; notwithstanding it probably will be the simplest part of your journey. The logistics involved in moving to another state will be quite tedious as you project a plan to move you and all of your possessions across to another state.

Handling your furniture alone is a tedious task.

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Determine Your Cost of Moving

You need to consider making a moving budget. This means knowing the maximum cost you are willing to incur before anything else. While moving your possessions might accrue the biggest cost, there are other expenses that you still need to calculate.

These are:

Packing and unpacking

Supplies such as bubble wrap, packing paper, boxes and tape

Vehicle shipping costs

Airfare or road trip overheads, with gas and lodging inclusive

The Cost Involved in Doing-It-Yourself (DIY) Over a Long Distance

Long distance DIY moves can be a hard practice and hardly comes out as a cost-effective way by the time you’re through. The logistics are complicated and using a car trailer and a moving truck that guzzles gas is a bad plan when you consider what comes along with it. In the market, from Los Angeles, this is what it costs to rent a 26-foot U-Haul truck that can contain a 3-bedroom house, alongside an auto carriage trailer to Dallas (1,200 miles):

$3,150 is the basic cost of the truck and trailer

$150 is for insurance for the truck

About $60-$80 is for insurance for the trailer

$10, $12 and $10 is for utility, appliance and furniture dolly respectively

$10 is for furniture pads (a dozen) and

$5 for environmental fee.

It is important that you research, bearing your needs and travel distance in mind before choosing DIY move.


Book an Expert Interstate Mover

You should do these as soon as you know the date to move. This will relieve your stress, knowing a professional is in charge. You can search Google, Yelp or any other site for the best interstate movers. Also, check that they are well licensed.

Reduce Your Belongings as You Pack

Moving expenses are often calculated by weight.

You should get rid of those things you hardly use.

Sort them according to the ones you are going to trash, the ones to give away and the ones to be sold. In this internet age, selling items has become easy with sites like eBay and Craigslist.

Use Free Boxes to Cut Your Costs

Craigslist is a good place for you check for people in your vicinity that might have boxes to give away rather than trash. In Los Angeles, for example, going through the ‘free stuff’ segment of Craigslist search together with ‘moving boxes’ as the search term, you will see that about 35 listings are shown there.


Packing supplies are some of the things that would be found. There are other places to look out for free boxes like grocery stores, large departmental stores, bookstores and liquor stores.

Moving Boxes should be labelled for Good organization

This will enable movers to know the particular room your containers should be kept once they reach your new home. Pictures of the content of each container can be taken, with the photo and box labelled so that the contents of each container can be known.

Moving Utilities and Other Services

You have to ensure not to forget you and your family’s records. Remember your dry cleaning too.

For other utilities like electricity, gas and water, you need to program a connection giving them a minimum of one week notice.

The same should be done for your cable and Wi-Fi.

Other utility services should be terminated at your previous residence.


Expectations and What You Need To Do On the Day You Are Moving

It is important that the professional movers are able to do their job once they come.

At that moment in your journey, you want the work to be done conveniently.

They are trained and experienced in moving homes and you won’t want to get in their way by giving incompetent advice to them.

There are other things for you to do:

Be sure everything is well packed before they come

Have your storage drawers, desk and dresser emptied.

Fragile items should be marked

Ensure there is a parking space for the moving trucks and access to your home is easy

Be present should the movers have any question

Interchange contact info with the movers

The movers should be tipped at both ends of the transport.

Pack Your Car and Go On A Road Trip

Except you intend to sell your car because you are relocating to a city like New York that is pedestrian-friendly, you need to load your car with items you need in your new city. It is most likely that you will get to your new residence before the moving company.

Thus, you need to pack the essentials that will last at least a week. These are some of the items that you might want to pack up:

Spare clothes


Kitchen utensils

Snacks and beverages

Important records

First aid box and prescription drugs

Phone and accessories and

Small electronics.

If you don’t like a road trip you might as well ship your car.

Understanding the Delivery Spread

There is not an exact timing as to when your possessions will be picked and dropped off; hence the moving company gives you a ‘delivery spread.’
This is the time period for which your belongings will be delivered. The length of this period can be several days.